Marriage & Home

Marriage & Home

Every family has a structure, which is internal and God put this for the sake of His purpose to be fulfilled according to his plans. That institution called marriage/family, must follow God’s plans and intention for marriage, consult Him (as a catalogue) whenever there is confusion as He is the sole author and maker of marriage.

So many institutions are man made but God made the institution of marriage. God wanted marriage to be a place where his love, glory, mercy and goodness would be found on the planet earth and a true reflection of His church. Unfortunately, it has not been the case in this lately but still even in the Garden of Eden.
In this regard, DPC have realized that married couples should be meeting on a regular basis and be reminded of the basis of God’s purpose for marriage so that they do not live and lead their marriages basing on their own understanding or culture definitions but on God.

.      Definition of DPC-MCF
DPC Married Couples Fellowship is a fellowship; and not a program, which is under the umbrella of the church, follows the church policy like other fellowships in the church. It has its uniqueness being the fact that, the success of the church growth will only depends on the success of the growth of the families. A church being a body and not an organization, it is made of many small fellowships called families and the growth of this body depends on the growth of the families. It is in this context that the church has thought of starting the Married Couples Fellowship where all the basics of God’s characters are manifested.


Vision and Mission of  DPC-MCF
The vision of  DPC-MCF is to create happy marriages by bringing back a lifestyle in marriage that is biblical based and aligning marriage with God’s plan.

Mission of the DPC-MCF
DPC-MCF will exist to teach and equip couples with the knowledge and principles of marriage the way God intended, counsel and correct, enrich and rebuke where necessary, share and pray for each other, portray marriage to the church and society as per God’s standard and prepare those who are about to enter into marriage enter with the right attitudes and expectations.

Composition of DPC-MCF
The main target of the DPC Married Couples Fellowship will be couples who are already married. In the married couples, there will be two types.
Young couples fellowship- 0-5 Years of marriage
Older Couples Fellowship above 5 Years

Planned activities and operational of the DPC-MCF
Several activities will be conducted with an aim of teaching and equipping as well as strengthening the bond of marriage and the fellowship.

The monthly meetings will address a specific topic chosen by the core team for the quarter and will be facilitated by any chosen couple or the core team. The couples chosen to teach the selected topic will be based on their knowledge or an outsider will be called. The meetings will encourage discussion and contribution from all members.
Cell groups will be in charge of arranging the venue and facilitating refreshments on rotational basis. Cell groups may be merged where few couples are in one cell group.
Each monthly meeting will celebrate any wedding anniversary that has occurred in the previous month. The cell group in charge will facilitate the celebration at their own style e.g. buy flowers, cake, sing etc as they may prefer.
Monthly meetings will be joint between the young and old but if the facilitator deem necessarily a group discussion could split the two and merge afterwards.
ii)     The Annual Couples retreat- There will be an annual retreat, at a place and venue suggested by the core team and agreed by all members. The annual retreat will center on deep teaching on marriage and will involve an external speaker where possible.

The cost of the annual retreat will be born by each couple and where absolutely necessary church funding may be sought by core team thru the core team pastor.

The annual retreat will require absolute focus and will be held a distance from homes and where couples will spend the night there.

As the fellowship grows and matures, couples outside DPC will be invited to bring change to the city, the nation, the continent and the world at large.

iii)    The young couples adhoc meetings- The young couples fellowship will hold adhoc meeting to address some specific areas and also for bonding. This will be informal and will take advantage of their youth. The activities for this fellowship will be decided and agreed up on in consultation with the members.


Fellowship Ministries and Tools
We trust God that the DPC MCF will not be a passing cloud and will not be an ordinary ministry. The ministry will be growing to be entrusted with key areas of the church and the following tools and ministries will be used to help fulfill the ministries vision and mission. The fellowship is expected to grow in quality, number and impact and some of the areas to be established will be fully in conjunction with the church.
 Counseling and advices– We envision an establishment of a Christian counseling center in DPC started by the MCF and reaching out to the whole church and community. The counseling center will be a voice for Christian guidance and help in marital issues as per the bible.
 Marriage therapy– We envision that the MCF will be able to raise skilled and anointed people who can conduct marriage therapy and save marriages in trouble as well as align marriage issues for the better of the couples concerned. This include medical cases guidance.
 Training of counselors– We envision due to the demand of counselors, that DPC will once establish a school for training counselors or incorporate in the school of ministry envisioned already where trained and certified counselors can be raised for use in the counseling center and beyond.
 Pre-marital counseling– We envision that the current pre-marital counseling will be strengthened and diversified and thus making the pastoral team have a reliable trained, equipped and anointed people who can be trusted to take some sections of pre-marital counseling.
 Sex education- We envision that the church will be able to have a regular and formal sex education to children both within and without DPC and help defeat the raging gang and assault of the enemy of sexual life through pornography and sex abuse.

Some of the topic that will be covered include but not limited to:
?       Foundation of marriage
?       Parenting (raising, naming, values, teenager, preparation for marriage)
?       Inheritance/writing will
?       Culture and background
?       Time management
?       Sexual intimacy
?       Family finances (budgeting, insurance)
?       Family bonding
?       Sexual purity
?       Marriage covenant
?       Communication
?       Basic of counseling